The MUTANT Guide to Wrist & Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps

You may have seen them in the gym before; massive hulks grunting and straining to set a personal record for deadlift or powerlifters doing impressive lifts without losing grip on bars flung overhead. And what do they all have in common? Weightlifting straps.

Weightlifting equipment might seem sacrilegious to some. However, these tools ensure your safety — the safety of everyone in the gym — and give you an edge on lifting heavy and hitting massive PRs.

MUTANT has the ultimate guide for weightlifting straps, how to use them, and which ones are worth your time and money. 

What Are Weightlifting Straps?

Weightlifting straps are nylon straps used around your wrists and the bar to assist with pulling exercises or deadlifts. They typically have a small loop for your thumb, followed by a long thick strap that will go around your wrists and the barbell. There are varying versions of lifting straps, including shorter ones that simply wrap around your wrist, improving wrist strength.

Wraps for Push Exercises

Weightlifting straps are NOT to be confused with wrist wraps, which keep your wrists rigid and straight when performing push exercises at near-max loads, e.g., bench press and overhead press. Keeping the wrists neutral is important for those exercises, but they don’t give you the same benefits as a lifting strap.

Straps for Pull Exercises 

Lifting straps (STRAPS, not WRAPS) give your hands a better grip on the barbell for pull exercises, such as deadlifts. The benefits are obvious:

  • You can lift heavier weights 
  • You can hold onto weight for longer to complete more reps
  • Your grip isn’t compromised, removing a limiting factor
  • Potential higher activation of the back muscles

    Since weightlifting straps allow you to use heavier weights and do more reps, they’ll increase muscle growth.  

    Lifting straps

    How to Use Weightlifting Straps

    1. Put the small loop around your thumb, with the strap behind your wrist and your palm facing you. (Do this one hand at a time.)
    2. Wrap the strap from the inside to the outside of your wrist twice or thrice. Make sure to leave enough strap length for step 3.
    3. Wrap the remaining strap length around the barbell, covering enough barbell ground to get a solid grip. Do this step when you’re getting ready to lift, as you will now be connected to the barbell via the straps.
    4. Grip the barbell – now covered by the straps – and perform your set. When you’re done, simply let go, and the straps should unravel from the barbell, releasing you from the connection.

    Which Lifting Straps Are Best for Lifting? 

    You’ll want a lifting strap that provides comfort, offers unparalleled support, and lasts long. We’re pretty biased, but MUTANT has high-quality straps for lifting. All at an affordable price, too! 

    Get MUTANT lifting straps here.

    Also, consider other weightlifting equipment – such as weightlifting lever belts – to complete your safe and effective gym setup. With a secure and sexy set of gym equipment, you’ll be setting PRs you’ve only dreamed of accomplishing!

    Article by Terry Ramos