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Product Information

Unfortunately we don’t send out free samples simply due to the large volume of daily requests that we receive.

It is not advisable to consume food products that are past their best before date.

All of our products are formulated without the use of banned anabolic drugs listed by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. We also have many products that are part of the Informed-Choice drug testing program. Informed-Choice™ certifies which products have been banned substance drug tested by the anti-doping lab LGC in accordance with the Informed-Choice program. Both WADA-IOC and WADA-experienced LGC labs’ analysis conform to ISO 17025 standards. As with any supplement, the use of any product is at the sole choice and responsibility of the athlete. See for more details and list of products.

Supplements can only be taken during pregnancy if recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Please talk to your doctor.

Typically, products that are "foods" such as most protein shake mixes, and that are not sold as a "Dietary Supplement" are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use as food products. Items though that are sold as "Dietary Supplements" and NOT as foods, are largely for adult use only. Check the label of the product you have questions about, as each product is unique.

A process called fractionation is used to extract the C8 and C10s from the coconut oil.

At times for some people, yes. A good MCT Oil is a pure source of the C8 and C10 fats, whereas normal coconut oil is only about 16% C8 and C10 fats (the medium chain fats). For many first-time users of MCT oil, it is the first time the stomach has taken on such a pure source of these MCTs and as such, it can take a while for some people’s stomach to get used to MCT oil.

We recognize this as our labels state “To assess individual tolerance, start with 1/3 serving (1 teaspoon/5ml) with food”. Start there – try in small amounts WITH FOOD, and assess how your body responds. Then escalate the usage to a point where you are comfortable. Not everybody’s stomach can tolerate every food, and MCT Oil is no different. Our label also states “Some people may experience gastrointestinal upset.” That can range from just a small discomfort, or all the way to difficult bowel movements for some first-time users. In general: start small (eg: 5 ml) of MCT oil; use WITH food.

Incidentally, that is also how we use it in some of our protein powders – at a low usage level per scoop - and none of those consumers of those powders, have reported any MCT oil discomfort. Not everybody’s stomach can handle 1-3 tablespoons of pure MCT Oil on its own, daily, right on day 1. We all respond to different foods and food ingredients each in our own unique way. Hope this info helps you on your MCT oil journey.

The BCAA Energy formula was upgraded to the BCAA Thermo. There are now three flavours available: blue raspberry, candy crush, and tropical punch.

Many of the ingredients we use are Halal, but we have not undertaken to have our facility be certified Halal.

If your stomach can handle 1/20th to 1/10th of a glass of milk, then your stomach can likely tolerate a scoop of a typical whey isolate. That small amount of milk, and a scoop of whey isolate, both contain about the same small amount of lactose. No whey protein isolate is absolutely 100.0% lactose-free, but many people who are lactose intolerant to a glass of milk, for example, can handle whey isolate.

No. Whey filtration is a physical process – not a chemical one – and is regarded as a no-added-heat process. The heat during filtration would be well below that required to denature the protein in whey.

We have over 500 ingredients in our facility which come from over 20 countries. To ensure food safety, we do not just rely on trusting one country over another. We rely on Quality Control safety tests. The main test is to verify the product is safe for human consumption, which involves testing for mold, yeast, salmonella, e-coli and bacteria. Next our specification involves testing for heavy metals (eg: lead, mercury, cadmium). These two sets of tests validate food safety regardless of where an ingredient comes from. We also go an extra step further for dairy ingredients like whey protein. We are one of the few dietary supplement facilities in the world that performs additional tests on whey protein for the pathogenic bacteria, listeria, a particularly nasty bacteria. This is all part of our export food safety process. Our products can also undergo other tests as well (eg: Informed Choice drug test; Ingredient Identity; Ingredient Potency; True Bound Protein, and more).

The term “Lactose-Free” as per the US and Canadian federal regulations is not permissible on any whey protein even if it contains less than 1% lactose. “Free” means “no detectable lactose” as per the regulations, and every whey isolate has some tiny amount of lactose. In essence, no whey isolate should be labelling their product as being Lactose-Free.

The majority of our products do not contain gluten in the formulation. However, the following products are not gluten-free: Mutant Mass, Mutant Mass XXXteme, Mutant Multi, Mutant Iso Surge Cookies & Cream, Mutant Pro Cookies & Cream, Mutant Whey Cookies & Cream. In addition, all our products are proudly produced in our facility that also handles ingredients from wheat.

The US FDA considers coconut to be a "tree nut". But the only coconut ingredient in our facility is MCT oil from coconuts. Being that MCT oil typically has zero protein (protein is the allergenic portion), the FDA's further position is then that the oil would not generally be considered as being a source of tree nut allergen - so in essence, the MCT oil in any of our products, would not generally be considered an allergen. If you have any concerns, always consult with your doctor before using any supplement.

No, we don't carry or use any pork-based products in our facility.


All our enzymes do not contain animal derived-ingredients and are from plant-based sources.

Most of our products does not contain lactose. However, our facility does carefully handle milk products.

The only fish product we handle is a marine derived collagen powder.

Our products are carefully labeled with each ingredient that is part of the formula. If the label does not list soy as an ingredient, then there is no soy in the formula.

Our L- Glutamine is fermented on various vegetable sources - fermented aminos can be fermented on many vegetables. Beets and sugar beet are the typical ones.

Currently our products are not organic certified but we are looking to obtain the certification soon.

Only Mutant Mass and Mutant Micellar Casein contain casein.