Bodybuilding Vs. Powerlifting: Which Is Better For Gains?

Bodybuilder vs Powerlifter

You may be determined to improve your physique through lifting but aren’t sure which strategy is best. Look no further than the two most viable options: bodybuilding vs. powerlifting. Although both have advantages, picking the one that aligns with your specific goals is crucial. 

In this article, MUTANT will give you the breakdown of powerlifting and bodybuilding and which works best for certain fitness goals. We also give you a unique advantage for both workout methods at the very end.

Let's determine which one’s the perfect fit for you!

Bodybuilding Overview & Benefits

Bodybuilding is, at its roots, the use of free weights and machines to achieve aesthetic excellence. By using what’s known as “progressive resistance,” you build and develop muscles through hypertrophy (increased growth of muscle cells). In short, you build your musculature for size, reaching a point where your body aesthetics take on the ratios of an ideal physique. 

Progressive resistance increases the overall volume of specific exercises, which correlates to the effectiveness of bodybuilding. You can increase volume via load (how much weight you’re lifting), total repetitions (added time under tension), or frequency (less resting time between sets or training sessions). If you add to the volume in any way, shape, or form, it should cause adaptations to your muscles, causing the cells to break down and then repair.

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Bodybuilding Benefits 

Bodybuilders are looking for ways to grow, period. How much you eat, how much recovery time you can get, all of it matters. When it comes to food, sleep, and muscle growth, you’ll want to optimize it to maximize the number of times you hit the gym in a week. The more often you can work out safely and effectively, the better for a bodybuilder. That’s why nutrition and recovery need to be on point in bodybuilding. 

You’ll want to bodybuild if your goals are the following:

  • Overall body aesthetics (looking good)

  • Reducing body fat to a low body fat percentage

  • General strength for longevity

  • Looking to enter bodybuilding competitions

  • Maximized muscle hypertrophy (being as big as possible)

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Powerlifting Overview & Benefits

Powerlifting is a sport whose main goal is to get strong at three specific lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. (Overhead lifts are also included.) This is where strength for one’s size, relative strength, is the main player, not muscle size. While one sort of begets the other, it isn’t directly correlated. For powerlifting, you’re looking to achieve maximal strength. Getting as strong as possible doesn’t necessarily care about an aesthetic physique.

You want to ensure enough fuel in the tank for this training method. That means eating correctly and giving yourself protein and carbohydrates for muscle efficiency and overall energy. You only focus on the “core four” — squats, bench presses, deadlifts, overhead press — so to speak, regarding the workouts. You may do multiple sets of one exercise daily and call it a day. For example, you can work on squats for seven sets of three reps. You can also do ancillary work – leg presses, hamstring curls, etc. – but the focus is on getting stronger. 

Powerlifting Benefits

There’s massive time under tension and workload for these core movements. This creates a decent amount of muscle mass and plenty of strength. You want to rest for the sets as long as possible to return to nearly 100 percent before attempting another set. You’re not looking for full muscle fatigue; you want to perform the lift – a single rep – as well as you can.

You’ll opt for powerlifting if you want the following:

  • Getting massively strong

  • Becoming an expert at specific lifts

  • Looking to enter powerlifting competitions

  • Specific adaptation to imposed demands (said principle)

Power Up Your Workout, Whatever It Is

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Bodybuilding is for those who lift for looks. Powerlifting is for those who lift for performance. Decide which one works best for your goals:

  • Weight loss = bodybuilding

  • Strength gains = powerlifting

  • Muscle mass = bodybuilding

  • Skill acquisition = powerlifting

  • Bodybuilding competitions = bodybuilding 

  • Powerlifting competitions = powerlifting

Choose the training method that best matches your desired goals. Then grab the right fuel for your training and achieve MASSive success!

Article by Terry Ramos