The MUTANT Guide to Wrist & Lifting Straps

You may have seen them in the gym before; massive hulks grunting and straining to set a personal record for deadlift or powerlifters doing impressive lifts without losing grip on bars flung overhead. And what do they all have in common? Weightlifting straps.

MUTANT has the ultimate guide for lifting straps, how to use them, and which ones are worth your time and money. 

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Maximize Muscle Gains & Enhance Athleticism with These Top Range of Motion Exercises

Do you consider yourself capable of handling heavy weights? Squatting over 500 and benching over 250 might make you feel like weightlifting royalty. But imagine a trainer challenging you to move those weights further than you’re used to. Could that additional inch during the negative phase of a movement be the decisive factor in achieving continuous muscle growth rather than hitting plateaus?

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Maximize Muscle Gains with Rep Optimization
Repetitions are the very essence of anyone’s beastly physique. The quality, quantity, and frequency of reps are directly related to how much muscle you gain throughout weightlifting. But with the various ways to grit through your reps, what is worth your time and worth leaving on the cutting room floor? 
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3 Critical Progressive Overload Tips for Bulking

Progressive overload is something every weightlifter should know about, but what is progressive overload? MUTANT is here to give you the full progressive overload breakdown. With these three tips, you’ll know the basics of progressive overload and become a beast with unparalleled PRs.

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