4 Competition Prep 101 Tips to Dominate Your First Bodybuilding Show

Bodybuilder Curling Weight

Congrats on signing up for your first competition! Reaching this elite fitness level isn't for the faint-hearted; it takes grit, unwavering dedication, and some serious grind. Your journey to the competition will test those qualities, plus some smart strategy.

Wondering how to kick things off? We've got you covered. In this post, we're breaking down four essential steps to amp up your competition prep. From getting your head in the game to nailing your nutrition, we give you the straight shooter protocol for bodybuilding glory. Check out our men’s and women’s bodybuilding competition prep 101 guide for these tips, all laid out below.

Callous Your Mind

First and foremost, remember that getting into that beast mode mentality is vital for prepping for battle. This will be at the forefront of any game plan you develop. Listen to your favorite hardcore tunes, take a cold shower, do a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, heck, get all psyched up on our MADNESS Pre-Worokut. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve prepared your mindset for the challenges that come with getting shredded.  

Attack Your Physique 

Once you’ve sharpened your mind and prepared it for what’s to come, you can assess your physique. Need to amp up your conditioning? If you're gunning for supreme conditioning and razor-sharp muscle definition, ramping up the cardio is your ticket. On the flip side, if bulking up and packing on muscle mass is your game, you wanna dial down the cardio and go hard on building that lean muscle — that means lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and a higher training frequency. But let’s keep it real — bulking up is no excuse for trashy eating or trashing your health just to hit some numbers on the scale. 

Craft the Ultimate Nutrition Strategy

Fueling your body is as critical as grinding through your training. Are you looking to shred fat or pack on muscle? Let that guide your diet choices. Dial in your nutrition game by targeting precise macros and micros from top-notch sources. Need help figuring out where to start? We have a complete guide on mastering your macros to maximize muscle gains so you can crush your bodybuilding debut. 

For peak performance and gains, don't shy away from supplementing with premium protein powders, creatine, and BCAA to smash your goals. 

Track Everything to the T

To kill your contest prep like an untamed beast, obsessively track every detail: log every session, cardio minute, meal, and supplement. And don’t forget to measure your weight and body fat and take progress photos to see how your current physique compares to your past. This hardcore approach lets you analyze what's working and when to overhaul your strategy for a beast mode activation.
Remember, consistency is your deadliest weapon in competition prep. Think of it as forging a mighty sword with every tiny, disciplined action — training and dieting are your fire and anvil. Armed with these tips, you'll be on your way to dominating the competition and bringing home victory. No excuses, no mercy!

Article by Terry Ramos