Mastering the Mind-Muscle Connection: Enhance Your Training with Mental Focus

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What exactly is the "mind-muscle connection"? You might have come across this phrase in the fitness community, but what does it entail? Moreover, how can you incorporate this training methodology into your workout routine to maximize muscle growth? 
MUTANT has got you covered with this breakdown of the mind-muscle connection and the simplest way to incorporate the method into your training. 
Let’s get into it!

Mind-Muscle Connection In a Nutshell

The mind-muscle connection is the psychological side of working out. As the name suggests, your mind connects to the muscles you’re training to feel every rep at the body part you’re working. For instance, let’s say you’re doing lat pulldowns. The emphasis should be on working your lats, so you should focus your mind on that area of the body during each rep. 
This 2016 study shows that focusing on the muscle you’re targeting for an exercise results in greater muscle activation for that muscle group (1). Rather than increasing the load you lift, slow down the movement, focus on getting a full range of motion, and squeeze and pause the muscle for each rep for a full contraction. 
You can easily go through the motions and bust out a set of an exercise and not feel much of anything. But doing that will only hinder muscle growth. 
With a mind-muscle connection, you ensure that each rep is focused entirely on the muscle you’re targeting. It’s about zoning in on that muscle with your mind and ensuring you feel the squeeze and contraction of each rep without focusing on anything but the muscle you’re targeting. No swaying, no momentum, and less focus on ego lifting with heavy weights. 
Your workouts become more effective via conscious, deliberate muscle contractions. All because you focused on the task at hand.
The better your mind-muscle connection, the more muscle growth you’ll yield. 

Mind-Muscle Connection in Action 

How do you know if you’re using the mind-muscle connection? Think meditation but for working out. You want to get into a semi-meditative state for each movement, set, and rep to feel the movement in the exact body part you’re working on. For the bench press, feel your pectoralis major stretch as you lower the weight, then feel it flex and contract as you push it back up. This squeeze and stretch dynamic is what we’ll lead to hypertrophy. 
Like mediation, the mind-muscle connection is only as effective as your focus. If you feel groggy or unclear, bringing your brain along for the ride will be more difficult. This is why you want to be at your sharpest for as many workouts as possible. The more alert and focused you are, the better your mind-muscle connection and the better training you’ll receive.
MADNESS Pre-Workout

Use Pre-Workouts to Maximize Mind-Muscle Connection

If you’re looking for a way to increase your focus naturally – and therefore your mind-muscle connection – you’ll want a high-quality pre-workout. Pre-workouts contain ingredients that enhance cognitive focus and energy levels, which are paramount for the mind-muscle connection. 
MUTANT’s Madness All-In pre-workout has caffeine for sustained energy without a crash and taurine to fuel mental focus. This powerful formula can bring your mind-muscle connection to peak form.
Cheers to a stronger, more connected fitness journey!

Article by Terry Ramos


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