3 Hardcore Bench Press Variations for Savage Chest Growth

Bodybuilder Bench Pressing

Why do bodybuilders swear by the bench press? Simple! It's the ultimate upper body strength builder for massive gains. Bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, get ready to pump it up with the only three bench-pressing variations you’ll need to get swole.

Say goodbye to weak muscles and hello to a sculpted physique. At MUTANT, we'll guide you in maximizing the gains and reaping the benefits of this killer workout. Time to unleash your inner beast! 

What Is Bench Pressing? 

Are you ready to bust through those plateaus and achieve massive upper-body gains? Look no further than bench pressing. This hardcore weightraining exercise requires pushing a load up while lying supine on a bench to target your shoulders, chest, and triceps like no other. But it doesn't stop there — your core is also put to the test, boosting your stability and overall strength. 

Bench Press Variations

MUTANT Nation, stop just winging it at the bench press and start crushing it with purpose. We're all about savage gains in the gym, and that won’t happen if you simply throw plates on each side of the barbell and press the weight up aimlessly. Check out these epic bench press variations to level up your upper body game. 
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Flat Bench Press 

  • Incline Bench Press

    Get ready to target and sculpt your upper chest with the incline bench press. Let's level up those gains! 
    1. Hit that incline bench set at a 45-degree angle and plant your feet firmly on the ground. 
    2. Snatch that Olympic barbell right above those shoulders, palms facing up. 
    3. To unleash the beast, rip the barbell off the rack, lower that bad boy, and bend those elbows until it barely kisses the upper part of your chest.
    4. Time to show who’s boss — thrust the barbell away from your chest, and straighten those elbows without fully locking them — show some mercy to protect your shoulder joints. 

    Decline Bench Press

    This variation demolishes your lower pecs. 
    1. Slam yourself onto that decline bench at a 15-degree angle, making your legs tower over your head. Crash back, feet glued to the ground like a boss.
    2. Hover that weighted barbell over your shoulders with your palms up to prepare to dominate.
    3. Hammer out those reps, unloading the barbell and bringing it down to your chest. 
    4. Now, shove that barbell back up, straightening your arms with raw power, and show it who's in charge.

    Flat Bench Press

    The flat bench press hammers your mid-chest like no other. 
    1. Park yourself so your head and legs are chillin' at the same level, back glued to the bench, and feet planted like they own the ground.
    2. Grab that weighted barbell right above your shoulders, palms facing up like it's the gateway to your gains. 
    3. Time to show off. Yank that barbell off the rack and lower it down with a bend in your elbows until it touches your mid-pecs. 
    4. Then, with the power of a beast, thrust it back up, away from your chest, straightening those elbows like you're launching it into orbit. 
    5. Rinse and repeat this move for legendary chest gains. 
    Now, grab these mutant tips, hit the gym, kick some *ss, and sculpt that upper body like the MUTANT you were born to be. It’s time to get to work!