Zero Carb (Oreo-Style) Protein Cookies
Are you craving a delicious snack that’s high in protein and zero carbs? Try this simple protein cookie recipe to fill that void without the additional guilt that often accompanies ‘pigging’ out. This recipe incorporates our new Dual Chamber MUTANT...
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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! Caffeine Science Explained
Caffeine is a drug that has enjoyed wide spread use and social acceptance on a global scale with about 90% of adults consuming it as part of their everyday eating patterns. Caffeine has been recognized to reduce fatigue and increase wakefulness for centuries which has expanded its use amongst shift workers, truck drivers, members of the military and indeed athletes.
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The Do's and Don'ts of Fat Loss
Summer is imminently upon us and as such, many people look to extreme measures to reduce body fat in a short period of time. With the rise of social media sponsors there’s an ever growing prevalence of “shortcuts” and misinformation available on how to reduce body fat.
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