MUTANT Takeover At Dino’s Gym, Solihull

MUTANT at Dino's Gym

On June 18th, 2014 we kicked off the premier episode of MUTANT On A Mission, our show dedicated to discovering the best bodybuilding gyms in the world. We flew all the way to Solihull, England to the legendary Dino's Gym. This is a true old school bodybuilding dungeon that opened in 1990 and has had some of the industry's biggest stars stop in to smash some iron including: Tom Platz, Dorian Yates, C.T. Fletcher, Bill Kazmaier, DLB, and of course MUTANT sponsored athletes Dusty Hanshaw and Big Ron Partlow!

The popularity of Dino's Gym has exploded since our first episode. To support our iron brother, we will be doing a MUTANT Takeover at Dino's Gym during the BODYPOWER fitness expo! Fans will get to train with Big Ron Partlow, Titan Games Champion Charity Witt and the rest of the MUTANT team. The event takes place on Saturday, May 11th at 8pm. Everyone will be stimmed to the max with FREE samples of the new BCAA 9.7 ENERGY and have a chance to win exciting prizes from team MUTANT.

The event will also will be live streamed on our social media pages and
so be sure to check out the action!