You Can't Grow If Ya Don't Know

You Can't Grow If Ya Don't Know

EAA Dosing Protocol For Maximum Effectiveness

Supplementing with aminos is right up there with protein these days for those among us looking to get stronger, build muscle, increase performance and boost recovery. In fact, amino acids are one of the most popular categories in sports nutrition with a global market value of 21.18 billion USD in 2019 and an expected compounded annual growth rate of 7.8% from 2020 to 2027; driven mostly by increases in demand from the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.¹

Now, fancy business talk and graphs with colorful bars aside, you don't need to be a commerce major to figure out that a whole lot a people are using a whole lot of amino acids right about now, across the globe.

The funny thing is though ... with all these people using all these aminos, why is there still so much confusion surrounding the topic, especially when it comes to dosing protocols? Questions like ... "how much aminos do I need?" and "when should I take my aminos?" are heard echoing on gym floors all the time.

If you're tired of being the one doing the asking and not getting answers; tired of not being in that inner circle of people who know, then you've come to the right place. We're finally going to set the record straight by delivering the straight deets on dosing amino acids for maximum effectiveness.

Who needs bro science anyways when you have MUTANT on your side; a brand with more than two decades worth of committed expertise in the formulation, manufacturing and release of muscle building and performance-enhancing products; the likes of which are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world, such as famed personal trainer Parker Egerton, Mr. Always In Shape himself.

Remember, you can't GROW if ya don't KNOW!

Classification Of Amino Acids

While not the sexiest of topics, the classification of amino acids is important because it leads us right into dosing. That in mind, the proteins we find in the body are made of 20 different amino acids.² These amino acids are typically classified into three categories; Essential Amino Acids, Conditionally Essential Amino Acids and Non-Essential Amino Acids.³

Essential Amino Acids

The nine Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) are of huge importance - not just for muscle building and performance, but for overall health also - because they cannot be made by the body and as such, we must obtain them from food and/or supplement sources. Hence, their branding as "essential."

The nine Essential Amino Acids

Conditionally Essential Amino Acids

Conditionally essential nutrients, in this case amino acids, are organic compounds produced by the body on its own in ample enough quantities to meet physiological requirements under normal circumstances.4 That said though, in times of illness, disease or physiologically stressful conditions, the body may not be able to synthesize these aminos on its own anymore and as such, they become essential; meaning we have to once again get them from our diet.⁴

The big players among the conditionally essential amino acid gang are Glutamine, Arginine and Taurine. While there has been much debate when it comes to this category, if you're training your ass off in the gym with heavy compound lifts, doing intervals and following a calorie-restricted diet to get cut up, then rest assured that while you might not be sick or in a diseased state, you are definitely in what we would call a "physiologically stressful condition."

Non-Essential Amino Acids

Non-Essential Amino Acids are a group of aminos that the body has the ability to make on its own and don't need to be supplied via our diet. The body's got our back when it comes these guys and we don't need to worry. That said though, these amino acids - the likes of which include Proline and Tyrosine, among others - are by no means slouches, as they play important roles in things like gene expression and cell signaling pathways.⁵

Dosing Protocols

With classification in the books, we now turn our full attention to dosing. And when it comes to dosing, we're talking about two things here: how much and when; both as they relate to amino acids; specifically EAA's, owing to their importance; given that we have to meet their demands through our nutrition plan.

The "How Much" of Essential Amino Acids

The "how much" of EAA's is key because of the fact that many people out there, and you may very well be one of these people, are using under-dosed products and as such, not getting the results they're looking for. Take three of the most important EAA's - Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine; collectively known as the Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's).

The research when it comes to BCAA's is extensive. Studies support the use of BCAA's for stimulating post-exercise increases in protein synthesis at a dosage of 5.6 grams and reducing muscle soreness and fatigue sensation.⁶﹐⁷ One 2017 study published in the journal Nutrients also indicated that BCAA supplementation can be effective when it comes to reducing exercise-induced muscle damage, provided that a high daily intake is employed.⁸

Another study featured in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (2011) found that supplementation with Leucine specifically for 12 weeks at a daily dosage of four grams, resulted in way more ("significantly" was the word researchers used) strength gains than a placebo.⁹

Geaar Packaging

Now ask yourself, is your current amino supplement highly-dosed; to the tune of, at minimum, 5.6 grams of BCAA's per scoop - including four grams of Leucine? Probably not.

One product that is though, is GEAAR; the MUTANT brand's complete EAA supplement. GEAAR is loaded with a heavy dose of 9.4 grams of EAA's plus Arginine per scoop, which includes the exact four-gram clinical Leucine dose featured in the research. GEAAR includes not three, four or five, but all nine EAA's, which are instantized for easy mixing and enhanced absorption, plus vegan-fermented, ensuring the purest and highest quality. Further improving the absorption of the product and enhancing fluid balance in the muscle cell is a powerhouse blend of 9 different electrolytes that total 675 mg, which rounds out the GEAAR formula.¹⁰

The "When" of Essential Amino Acids

Now, with an understanding of just how important a highly-dosed EAA product like GEAAR is when it comes to the gains you're looking for, we turn our attention to the "when;" as in when is the best time to use this type of product.

A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition sheds some much needed light on the topic. In the study, researchers found that an EAA supplement enriched with a higher dose of Leucine, which was consumed during steady state exercise, produced a greater muscle protein synthesis response during the recovery process than an EAA supplement enriched with a lower dose of Leucine.¹¹ And this is where GEAAR really shines - as an intra-workout supplement. Perhaps not by accident, this is exactly the way Parker Egerton uses his GEAAR.

Parker Egerton On GEAAR

For a dude like Parker, his body is his business card. As a personal trainer in California and a highly sought after physique athlete constantly in demand for photo and video shoots, there is no off-season for him. This is not a hobby, not a past-time, not something he does for fun. His life blood is his physique - literally. He has to be in shape all the time ... and you better believe he is!

Parker relies heavily on running MUTANT supplements to stay in shape year-round, with a particular emphasis on GEAAR intra-workout to fuel his training." This stuff has changed the game for me, no doubt about it. I've found that taking GEAAR intra-workout and sipping on it throughout my training session has really helped me push higher poundages and bang out more reps. It keeps my muscles strong, full and vascular. The pumps are insane and I'm even recovering much better these days. The Blue Raspberry tastes like you're drinking candy; it's unbelievable. I can't get enough of this stuff!"

Man holding Geaar Package at the gym

And it's no coincidence that Blue Raspberry tastes like candy because it's custom-made using an assortment of sophisticated flavoring ingredients and techniques that the leading candy and confectionary companies use. This guarantees the signature MUTANT taste experience each and every time. To try Blue Raspberry GEAAR, click here.

Fuel Your Fire

Now, armed with the information you need on how to dose EAA's for maximum effectiveness, you owe it to yourself to put down that under-dosed product and run GEAAR for 30 days. Find out what you've been missing and experience for yourself just how effective this product can be when it comes to the physique and performance improvements you're looking to make. Whether you take it intra-workout or immediately post-workout, GEAAR is the fuel your fire needs!

And remember, physiques like Parker's don't come easy; but they're worth every bit of effort. Follow his lead and make it happen.

We got your back!