The How To Of Amino Acids For Strength, Size & Performance

The How To Of Amino Acids For Strength, Size & Performance

There's a great scene from the 2013 bodybuilding movie Pain & Gain, which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie.

When first meeting Dwayne Johnson's character in the gym, while Mark Wahlberg's character begins to question him on his past, Anthony Mackie's character, in awe of how jacked he is, asks him ...

"Amino acids after your workout, or before?"

What makes the scene so true to form is the fact that we've all been there. And "there" is at the gym, asking somebody bigger and stronger about the tricks of the iron trade.

And just like Anthony Mackie's character was looking for some coaching - which he didn't find - so too are you most likely, especially when it comes to aminos.

The difference is you've found your coach here at MUTANT!

Unpacking Amino Acid Products

You've seen all the products - the pills, the powders and the drinks. You see people at the gym sipping on colorful liquids in their water bottles between sets all the time. You've heard buzz words like "essential." And you may even be loosely familiar with an amino acid or two like Glutamine or Arginine.

Overall though, do you know enough to take advantage of the positive effects amino acids can have on your goals to build more muscle, get stronger and perform better?

Case in point ... "Amino acids after your workout, or before?"

Probably not, because the truth is that there's a lot to unpack. And who better to do that than the official MUTANT brand.

So let’s get started!

BCAA 9.7

Before we get into a deep dive on BCAA 9.7, a little background information on amino acids is up to bat.

Amino acids are organic compounds often termed the "building blocks of life."1 This means that amino acids join together to form a larger, whole molecule, which is in fact, a protein. When we eat protein, whether it's in the form of a chicken breast or a scoop of whey, our body breaks it down into the individual amino acids that it's made up of in the first place, because that's the currency it needs to run many important functions like growth, repair and sometimes even energy production.1

There are 20 different amino acids, nine of which are classified as Essential (EAA's).2 These nine amino acids are critical because the body can't make them on its own and as such, we need to get 'em from food and supplements.

Particularly unique among these nine essential aminos are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which are collectively termed Branched-Chain Amino Acids. You know them as BCAA's.

BCAA's are not a new discovery. We’ve been using them in some form or another for decades now; as far back as the Classic Era of the 1970's, through to the Golden Era of the 1990's, and right up to present day.

As time has gone on though, more research has been conducted on the effects of BCAA supplementation and as a result, their use has spread from exclusively bodybuilders and gym-goers, all the way to endurance athletes and seemingly everybody in between looking to get an edge in the weight room, on the track, or on the field.

In a 2004 study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers commented that BCAA supplementation not only has favorable effects with respect to decreasing exercise-induced muscle damage, but also promotes protein synthesis.3 In another study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness (Dec. 2009), researchers concluded that BCAA supplementation successfully reduces muscle soreness and fatigue sensation.4 Still more research, this time published in Nutrients (2017), points to BCAA supplementation at a high daily intake being "especially effective" if taken prior to exercise.5

Enter BCAA 9.7.

This product delivers 9.7 grams of concentrated amino acids per scoop; 7.2 grams of which are directly from BCAA's. These BCAA's are instantized for better solubility and enhanced absorption, plus they're present in a 2:1:1 ratio (Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine), which is important because that's how they occur organically in nature.6 Throw in the fact that BCAA 9.7 also contains additional supporting amino acids on top of the BCAA's, electrolytes for optimal muscle function and hydration, plus a patented absorption accelerator and you can begin to see why so many people are stacking this bad-boy with their pre workout supplement!

Mix up a serving of BCAA 9.7 by itself for better performance and recovery, plus increased protein synthesis. If you're taking a pre-workout like MADNESS before you train, you can stack that by tossing a scoop of BCAA 9.7 in for a serious add-on effect! Click here to try BCAA 9.7.


GEAAR comes in heavy with all nine EAA's, plus Arginine. Remember, we need to get EAA's from food and supplements because the body can't make them on its own. That in mind, GEAAR delivers more than ten grams of micronized and vegan fermented aminos per scoop! And part of that ten grams is a clinically-validated dose of four grams of Leucine.

In a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (2011), researchers found that supplementation with four grams of Leucine daily resulted in “significantly higher” strength gains during a 12-week resistance training program, as compared to subjects taking a placebo.7 More research, this time from the American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism (2002), found that the ingestion of EAA's after resistance exercise stimulates muscle protein synthesis.8

More strength, increases in protein synthesis, improved hydration from the inclusion of a precise electrolyte combination (to the tune of 675 mg), plus better muscle pumps and vascularity thanks to 300 mg of L-Arginine ...

This is GEAAR!

If that's not enough, GEAAR is also free of synthetic colors or flavors and is drug-tested by Informed-Choice for more than 200 banned substances.

The bottom line; take a serving of GEAAR right after your workout. The other option would be to sip on GEAAR throughout your workout, consuming about half of it during your session, and then finishing it off after your last rep. Click here to get on some GEAAR!


BCAA THERMO is the most versatile of our three amino acid products. In addition to six grams of BCAA's per scoop and eight added electrolytes, BCAA THERMO also contains 240 mg of caffeine anhydrous and a special registered ingredient called CaloriBurnGP®, which is a natural extract of Grains of Paradise seed shown in research to increase whole body energy expenditure.9 CaloriBurnGP® is one of the most exciting new energy-enhancing and fat loss support ingredients available today!

Because of this, the best way BCAA THERMO can help you is using it for your fasted cardio sessions instead of using a serving of your pre workout powder. The average cost of your pre workout serving is going to be higher than a serving of BCAA THERMO, plus you simply don’t need the ingredients in pre workouts if all you’re doing is cardio. So whether it’s to give you a morning cardio boost, mid-day pick me up, or even if you need to be on point for a marathon Call of Duty session, then BCAA THERMO is your jam.

And if you're on a cut, taking BCAA THERMO is even that much more important. Not only will it help support heightened calorie burning, it also supplies the BCAA's you need to maintain a positive nitrogen balance while on a calorie-restricted diet. It's a win-win!

To try BCAA Thermo, click here .

Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

We're at the part in the story where you have a much better understanding of amino acids.

At MUTANT we're proud to offer a solution for whatever your goals are, and whatever the day throws at you. And just like a great coach puts the ball into the hands of a superstar player when the game is on the line, we're handing the "ball" to you.

Are you going to rush for a touchdown, or cough it up?

Are you going to hit that three, or put up a brick?

Are you going to bring your best package to the stage, or come in off?

The fact, is you're not average; and have no intention of being so. You being here ... reading this tells us that. We know you're going to make it, whatever "it" is because you're now part of MUTANT Nation ... And that's what we do!


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