The MUTANT Summer Meal Prep Guide

Meal Prep for Bodybuilders

Is it even possible to diet in the summer? How can you incorporate high-protein meal prep for weight loss and muscle gain during the busy warm months when social events and fun are rampant? We at MUTANT believe it’s not only possible but an absolute breeze. 

Meal prepping to get enough protein and calories is vital to any pro bodybuilding physique. And although you may not be a professional bodybuilder, preparing your meals during the summer will help you keep the physique you’ve worked for all winter long. 

We’ll review how to prepare for a high protein diet and give you meal prep ideas and tips for weight loss and body recomposition.

MUTANT Meal Prep Tricks

Here are some meal prep tricks we recommend you review during the hottest season of the year to keep you on track:

  • Write out a grocery list based on what meals you want to make and will make.
  • Go to the store on a semi-full stomach. (This will help you avoid craving-based buys.)
  • Choose a day of the week with the most free time to prep all of your meals.
  • Opt for some high-end glass Tupperware for easy reheating and eating on the go.
  • Don’t skimp on the sauces and seasonings to flavor your high-protein meals (but be wary of the calories).
  • Get a food scale to weigh your portions for each meal closely. (Remember to zero out every time you add a new food item to the glass Tupperware for accurate readings.)
  • Choose meals that will benefit you most for both fat loss and hypertrophy.

Now, to choose meals for both fat loss and hypertrophy, we’re looking at high-protein meal prep to give you the essential amino acids necessary to build muscle back stronger and bigger.

Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

Here are some delicious, high-protein meal ideas to help you keep your summer body. 

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Marinate your chicken in olive oil, vinegar, water, and seasonings for 10-20 hours. Fire up the grill and cook five or six chicken breasts weekly — four ounces of chicken breast contains 35 grams (1.23 oz.) of protein. 

As for the salads, you can use salad kits from your local grocer. When ready for this meal, reheat the chicken, dice it, and throw it into the salad mix. This gives you high protein (each cup is roughly 38g/1.34 oz.), micronutrients from the leafy greens, and taste to enjoy your food while building muscle and losing fat.

Consider adding different vegetables, such as carrots, bell peppers, jalapenos, or more, to add flavor profiles and micronutrients to the dish.

Steak, Potatoes, & Broccoli

The most simple, straightforward meal in the meal prep business — many bodybuilders and celebrities trying to cut go-to meals is some rendition of meat and veggies. You can choose your cut of steak, though the leaner the cut, the better the macronutrient profile. (While fats are good for your hormones, you don’t need very much of them, or the calories can add up.) Potatoes and broccoli can be baked with a drizzle of olive oil for healthy fats and any seasoning you want for flavor.  

This meal has an incredible macronutrient ratio, with a nine-ounce steak hitting over 60g (2.12 oz.) of protein. The sauce is the key to savory and protects your calories for all three components. You can add A1, ketchup, sriracha, a type of aioli, or anything else; just limit how much you use. The lower the calories in your sauce, the better. 

Seafood, Rice, & Grilled Veggies

Lastly, red or white fish is great for additional protein and other health benefits, including omega-3 fatty acids and other minerals to aid brain and heart health. Plus, during the summertime, there are plenty of fish and shellfish types to choose from, giving you a variety. 

For the rice and grilled veggies, again, sauce and seasoning are crucial for spicing up what is essentially a basic meal. All of these meals are basic but different, with good reason. You want versatility, flexibility, and simplicity with your food as you prep them for the entire week. Boring, bland, or complicated food will make it much more challenging to stick to a diet. 

Using these recipes, switching up the little add-ons occasionally, and following the tips above, you’ll be summer meal-prepping like a pro bodybuilder in no time.

Article by Terry Ramos