Beastly Supersets for Every Muscle Group


Do you want giant muscles that everyone is envious of? Then, you need to do super sets. Supersets are an excellent training strategy to supercharge your workouts. You’ll undoubtedly add a layer of muscle to your frame if you incorporate supersets for every major muscle group.

MUTANT knows what it takes to develop strength and hypertrophy through dominant supersets. Here, we’ll show you how to superset every muscle group, big and small, to get you that otherworldly physique we all want.

Superset Defined

Before diving into the different supersets for different muscle groups, you must know what a superset is. They’re two back-to-back exercises without rest. For example, doing curls and then moving straight to triceps extensions without taking any breaks between your last set of curls and the first set of extensions. 

Upper Body Supersets


Starting with the posterior upper body muscles, we have our back. 

  • Lat Pulldowns 
  • Seated Cable Rows 

These two exercises paired together do a few things. For one, it hits various angles, which means it targets different areas of the back. The lat pulldowns are vertical pulls, while the seated cable rows are horizontal rows. 

The trick for these supersets is twofold: Each movement is done to near failure, and the weight must increase each week in small increments. The added weight to the exercises and the highest fatigue point create the stimulus necessary for maximized muscle growth.

Chest & Shoulders

Moving onto upper body push muscles, the best superset for chest and shoulders is.

  • Incline Machine Bench Press 
  • Shoulder Press Machine 

There’s a ton of machine work in these supersets because they’re more straightforward to increase in minute increments, plus they’re relatively safer due to less need for stabilization. The bench press hits the upper and middle chest, while the shoulder press hits the deltoids. Going to near-failure on these movements will lead to a severe chest pump, which will shock the other gym-goers.

Superset Workout Arms 

Arms are excellent to superset, as you can combine triceps and biceps work for a complete arm pump. The following superset is ideal for thick, beastly arms:

  • Overhead Cable Triceps Pullovers 
  • Cable Neutral-Grip Curls

This superset is incredibly simple, as it uses only the cable machine. And with both being exercises where the weight can be a bit lower, you can hit 15-20 or even more repetitions before hitting high fatigue levels. 

Superset Bicep Workouts

Biceps Superset

Here’s a superset specifically for your biceps to build sleeve-ripping arms. 

  • Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  • Cable Curls

Another brief tip for all these movements: Go slow on the exercise's eccentric (lowering) portion and explosive on the concentric (lifting) portion. With these supersets, you can complete an entire upper body workout in under an hour and with a ridiculous amount of volume under your lifting belt.

Lower Body Supersets

Lower body supersets are next-level because they help increase the release of human growth hormone in the body. Hitting the bigger muscles for more volume causes this insane growth phenomenon. 


Let’s begin with the quads:

  • Hack Squat 
  • Leg Extensions

These two exercises are top dogs for front leg muscles. Bring the feet back on the platform for the hack squat until your knees are over your toes to emphasize the quads. If you go to failure on hack squat and then hit a few leg extension reps, your quads will be burning, which will translate to thicker legs.

Hamstrings & Glutes

Here’s the breakdown for hamstrings and glutes, rounding out the supersets:

The sumo deadlifts target both the glutes (that butt squeeze at the top) and the hamstrings (the stretch at the bottom and explosion towards the top position). Then, end on glute-ham raises by using the bar you used to deadlift as the counterweight above your feet as you lower your upper body off the ground. 

This lower body workout is another workout that should take you roughly 30 to 45 minutes when completing a few sets of each movement with one to two minutes of rest after each super set. 

Superset to Supercharge Your Workout

Supersets are time-efficient and can lead to massive spikes in muscle growth. Implement all six supersets, and you’ll be ready for aesthetic success. So long as you lift heavy, lift for as many reps as safely possible, and continue to improve over time, the monster physique WILL be yours. 

Article by Terry Ramos