Dominate the Road & Maintain Your MUTANT Muscle Mass
Keeping that beast mode on should never be a question. Yet some folks think traveling is a free pass to slack. As MUTANTS, our mission is to remain ripped and ready, regardless of your zip code. Ready to dominate your fitness on the road? Here come the no-BS tips for staying shredded, with nutrition and workout hacks that don’t compromise.
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Maximize Muscle Gains & Enhance Athleticism with These Top Range of Motion Exercises

Do you consider yourself capable of handling heavy weights? Squatting over 500 and benching over 250 might make you feel like weightlifting royalty. But imagine a trainer challenging you to move those weights further than you’re used to. Could that additional inch during the negative phase of a movement be the decisive factor in achieving continuous muscle growth rather than hitting plateaus?

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Master Your Macros for Maximum Muscle Gain
When it comes to improving your physique and building as much muscle as possible, diet reigns supreme. But how much protein helps you gain muscle? What is the ideal blend of macronutrients to get the desired aesthetics? And do some diet structures work better than others? MUTANT is here to crush all these questions, helping you become a muscle-building and macronutrient-tracking expert.
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