5 Easy Ways to Know if You’re Losing Fat
Struggling to shed or shred? You’ve been eating clean and training like a madman, but how do you know if you’re actually losing fat, versus water weight or even muscle mass? Looking in the mirror doesn’t always reflect fat loss...
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bodybuilder and caffeine
Caffeine is a drug that has enjoyed wide spread use and social acceptance on a global scale with about 90% of adults consuming it as part of their everyday eating patterns. Caffeine has been recognized to reduce fatigue and increase wakefulness for centuries which has expanded its use amongst shift workers, truck drivers, members of the military and indeed athletes.
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MUTANT PRO whey protein
Protein or nutrient timing could be defined as the consumption of protein/nutrients in and/or around an exercise bout. This has been a favored strategy adopted by bodybuilders to optimize numerous performance- and muscular-related adaptations. Indeed, a number of researchers have...
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