Shawn Ray
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Mutant Global Brand Ambassador

Google “The Ultimate Training Set” and you’ll turn up 160,000,000 results (literally…I just did it myself!).  There’s no shortage of training information and routines out there – good, bad or otherwise – telling you how, where, and when to exercise what muscle groups to achieve optimal results. 

That’s not what this is about.  Before you begin throwing iron around, start with your mind set

Don’t Worry – Be… Realistic

My first blog as Shawn Ray, MUTANT® Global Brand Ambassador, isn’t going to be some hokey ‘Think positive thoughts and everything will be great!’ dissertation, though I fully believe in the power of positive thinking when it leads to belief, because true belief is the first step towards SUSTAINED ACTION.  After all, positive thoughts that you don’t genuinely believe cannot be manifested; they have little hope of becoming real.  For example, I could think all day about magically finding $1 million in the trunk of my car, but I don’t truly believe that will or could happen….so it’s a total waste of time.

Mindset is different and I argue it’s the single most important improvement most of us can make to meet our training goals.  It’s also often harder than the actual training itself.  Think of mindset as a muscle – something you need to work on dynamically and constantly to strengthen and improve. Know the best ways to train hard and effectively, of course, but first and foremost, understand the mental mechanisms that will keep you disciplined and believing in what you are doing.

The Power of Recognition

Throughout my 14-year pro career there were moments of self-doubt, to be sure.  What never changed, however, was my mission.  I was laser-focused on the end game which, for me, was victory at the highest echelons of the sport of bodybuilding.

My mindset supported this mission.  I created a positive and self-contained environment of supreme focus, dedication, and prioritization.  It was built on my all-encompassing belief that I was going to become champion and nothing was going to stop me.

When those far and few between moments of blurred clarity inevitably tried to seep into my world and get a foothold on my mind, I relied on my mental training to first become aware of what was happening. This was a purposeful tactic and just didn’t happen automatically. Like any muscle, I had to train myself to become better and stronger in dealing with the situation.  Only once I recognized negativity could I nip in the bud quickly, hit the reset button and not allow myself to get derailed from my pursuit of greatness.

Over time, I got much better at this process and credit my mindset with helping me through the long and winding road to the summit of the Mr. Olympia contest, sacrifice of friendships, loneliness of 5 a.m. gym sessions, or simply whatever daily hardship surfaced.  Looking back, mental toughness and positive mindset was probably my strongest and most useful feature – my ultimate training “set” – since it helped enable everything I achieved.

Your Goal, Your Process

It doesn’t much matter what your goal is.  Not everyone is driven to grind through long, drawn out training programs, or to get on stage and compete – it doesn’t make me better than anyone else.  But I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to HAVE a goal and to deeply believe you can achieve it. Though things like protein and EAAs are great to turbo-charge your gains, all the supplements in the world won’t help you if you haven’t invested enough in your goal to stay consistently motivated. Write your goal down, tell friends, whatever you need to do, but have a goal and consciously create a positive mindset that works for you. Remind yourself each morning and continue to build belief.

Build Your Mindset, Now

Start working on your mindset muscle right now. You will thank me later, trust me. As you are staring down the long road ahead of you, remember that this mental framework is your ultimate training tool – and a priority above all the set and muscle group planning, meal prep, and the rest. 

Start exercising mindset training NOW. 

Want to Meet?

Well I think I’ve ranted enough for one article. As a guy who makes mutants professionally this is the type of stuff that has become second nature to me.

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