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Mutant Stimutant
  • Stimulates fat shredding
  • Ignites hellfire focus and intensity
  • Freaky peeled-to-the-bone definition
  • Cranks you up higher and longer than ever!
what to expect on stimutant
STIMUTANT™ is a special breed of fat burning stimulants. There is no definition strong enough that can truly describe how powerful STIMUTANT really is. While cranked up on STIMUTANT, users have described experiencing a feeling of immortality in the gym. No weight will seem too big to push, no lift will seem too daunting, and no limit will ever hold you back again! The science of this novel formula goes deep to ensure that it exceeds all expectations and lives up to its name. This cutting-edge science includes new and novel character trait combinations not seen in other formulas such as, CNS norepinephrine stimulation, decreased fat formation, increased fatty acid mobilization from stored fat, increased active ingredient absorption, and peak-active stimulant half-life extension. By understanding the deep-rooted effects of these individually powerful ingredients, the MUTANT Lab Scientists did the extreme and merged them all together into the truly mad STIMUTANT formula!
get peeled to the bone
STIMUTANT produces more than just raging intensity. The MUTANT Lab Scientists assembled STIMUTANT to be shockingly powerful on multiple levels. Users on STIMUTANT will experience a new definition of what it means to be peeled-to-the-bone. Anatomy like striations exposing braided-rope muscle fibres with disgustingly deep cuts is what you want and that's exactly what STIMUTANT is constructed to deliver! Each highly effective ingredient in the red-hot STIMUTANT formula serves a unique and strategic purpose. The advanced liquicap formula kicks in at breakneck speed pushing your intensity through the roof. Beyond that, STIMUTANT is constructed to produce incredibly long-lasting effects by increasing the half-life of the formulas key central nervous system stimulants. This futuristic engineering is virtually unprecedented in the supplement game and now you can get it with STIMUTANT!
leave humanity behind
You live the MUTANT lifestyle because you want to be different! You want to stand out from the crowd. You don't train like a freak just to fit in. You do it all to STAND OUT! That's why STIMUTANT was created exclusively for the MUTANT NATION! Chemically engineered to produce a level of virtual stimulation insanity, STIMUTANT is 100% unlike anything else you have ever tried – guaranteed! Down just one jacked up dose of STIMUTANT and you will immediately rise to a level of absurd intensity. But that's just the beginning! You call yourself hardcore? Try taking the "MUTANT Strength" double dose and see how hardcore you are! You have never experienced a degree of insane hellfire focus like you will on STIMUTANT! Each potent ingredient in this Experimental Crank Stimulant has been fused together to help deliver an addictive training high that makes all other fat burning supplements feel like mild, under-dosed formulas. STIMUTANT is here, and it has accelerated the supplement evolution years into the future. Don't waste one more minute using over-hyped, under-dosed fat burning stimulants, get on STIMUTANT today and leave humanity behind!
* USA and International markets only.
directions for use
As a dietary supplement, take 1 STIMUTANT Liquid Cap (1 serving) with 1 glass (227mL/8 fl. oz.) of water 2 times daily. On workout days, take 1 of these servings on your way to the gym. After determining your own tolerance, NEVER EXCEED 1 LIQUID CAP PER SERVING. Read the entire label before use and never exceed more than 2 servings during any 24-hour period. NEVER EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE OF THIS EXTREMELY POTENT FORMULA. Do not take within 6 hours of bed time. For occasional use only. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. For best results, combine STIMUTANT with a hard-core bodybuilding and iron-pumping plan.
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